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Your own QUICKPAY Machine?

Quickpay Machines
QUICKPAY terminals is a quick, easy, user-friendly and secure way of paying for various services.

Service Providers
What it can do for you:
  • Build your network
  • Set up commissions & bonuses
  • Add products for your kiosk
  • Sell and manage ads

Business with QUICKPAY

Quickpay is an efficient facility designed for the customers to save time when transferring money or paying for various services. Our aim is to make it easy for customers to pay for the provided services.

Quickpay is a convenient, user-friendly and time-efficient service. Quickpay for anything that has a price tag!

Investment Considerations


All payments are carried out via Quickpay Machines.

To make sure the customers save their time when paying for various services, we manufacture Quickpay Machines, obtain permissions from the premises owners to install our terminals, provide the machines’ routine maintenance, make all the necessary arrangements with the service providers and take care of a number of other issues.

Quickpay Machines


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